Wednesday, May 17, 2017

NDX down $143 BTFD?

NDX fell $143, almost a replay of 3/21 which put us in a box for a month until 4/21. The market gaped up out of that box on 4/22. What happened today could do the same? We trade in a box for a month and breakout after a month or stay in it for the rest of the summer? Is it time to buy the dip? I would not be surprised to see that happen tomorrow as we have seen it happen so often. I was thinking of the consequences of the dip buyers today if you thought it was just another day where the market reverses mid day and closes near the highs of the day. It was definitely a trending day with one straight line downwards VIX was up +4.9 USD was down -5.8 the markets reaction is unknown to me either political of banks related? who knows. I believe it was just another correction that happens after a steep market moves.