Friday, November 30, 2007

RIMM down $8.5

Here was a missed opportunity in RIMM...

In the morning RIMM was down $4, I hesitated in buying a PUT later it ended up down $9.2

I made an emotional trade in DELL buying 10 Puts as below, as I missed the opportunity in RIMM I became emotional and bought DELL puts....

Although DELL was down some 23% it was too late for me to get in since all it can go down in the short term it has already done so....

I bought the puts later in the day... not familiar with DELL ... not fully taking into consideration other factors ... I just made a buy decision...

the lost money in RIMM I thought I could recover it in DELL quickly...

I was reluctant to place an order in RIMM all day there were several opportunities...

BOT to Open 10 DLQ XX DLQ Dec $22.5 PUT Limit $0.25

Outcomes are created by the traders acting on their belief about the future!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

SHLD down $14

This morning I noticed SHLD was down big $16... on very heavy volume

Volume 15.53 Mil

Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 2.94 Mil

Although, the rest of the market was all up....

FSLR was up $22 for the day...

SPWR was up in the morning $10 and accordingly I sold my call :

QSU LV SLD to Close 1 Limit $14.00 Executed

I bought a Put on SHLD my limit order was lower then the mrkt but there was very fast movement and my order got filled quickly:

KTQ XS Put $95 Exp 12/22/07 $1.55

My buy price was $3.0 but by the end of the day the stock has moved back up to $104, where as it was around $100 when I bought the put expecting the stock to drop more... but I did nt...

My put has lost almost 50% of its vlaue?

Will see what happenes tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SPWR up $15

This stock was up $10 in the morning and for that matter all of the stocks on my list were up big time...

Which made the decision harder for me as to which one to get into?

BIDU, for example, was up $15 in the morning and ended up $25 for the day!

So much for selling my calls yesterday?

As I looked at all the stocks in the list I decided on SPWR for two reasons:

1. the volume was higher then usuall
2. there was a good news....

So I bought the call:

QSU LV BOT to Open 1 Limit $6.00 Executed

TSL the put I was hold for was more the $2 so I sold mine for a net loss...

All day long I tried to get into BIDU as well but could not, as it did nt level off durring mid day as it did yesterday...

BPJ LF Buy to Open 1 Limit $3.10 Expired

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BIDU up $15

Was up $14 in the morning… was down again.. and move back up during the last hr of the day….

This is how the call ended for the day but I bailed out earlier….

BIDU Dec07 $400 CALL — — —
Bid 8.20 — — —
Ask 8.50 — — —
Last 8.42 — — —
Change 1.72 [25.67%] — — —
Volume 775 — — —
Delta 0.95 — — —
Open Int 3,948 — — —
Desc —

Constantly monitoring … watching the stock move up and down made me fearful of losing on the postion…

As soon as I saw the price coming close to my target price I sold…

SLD to Close 1 BPJ LT BPJ Dec $400 CALL Limit $8.10

I was also watching FSLR all day and as I had expected a few days earlier the stock fell again today… at one point it was down -$10?

FIRST SOLAR INC 207.62 -4.38 [-2.07] Nov 27 2:57 PM
Bid: 207.30 Size: 1 Ask: 207.75 Size: 2 Vol: Realtime

Near the close of the day I tried to buy a put on FSLR:

HJQ XQ Buy to Open 1 Limit $8.10 Expired

But did nt hit my buy target…

I will be watching FSLR tomorrow….

anxiety?... sadness?... anxiety! ...

This morning the option was up $1 which is the gain I really wanted…

But then I told myself that it will keep moving up…

Why sell? What else would I do if I sell?

For some part of the day the stock did not move as I was waiting for just the right price to sell my Call….

Suddenly the stock starts moving down .. being up only $3.5 only 1 %...

Somehow, as soon as the Call price fell below yesterday’s price (which is what my buy price was) ?…. I felt kind of relieved?!

That was strange?

Instead of feeling bad, feeling a loss! … I was calmer?.. or may be just sad, as if I was out of the game….

In the morning I was more anxious… worried… trying to decide what to do? Sell or not to sell…

But as the Call price fell below yesterday’s price it felt like I did not have to make any decision… may be that is why I was relieved or sad…

One feeling… Replaced all the others …sadness overcame anxiety…

After I wrote the above… around 11:00am… the stock kept moving in the same range…but @ 12:15pm it started moving up higher range … up $9-$10.. .. the asking price moved along…higher

I felt relieved again… don’t know why…I am still determined to sell my call above $9???

At the close of the day just 15 min to the close the stock started moving faster it ended up $15.3 I sold my call for $8.1 which was below my target but was still… a profit?... I entered a sell order in a hurry.

Monday, November 26, 2007

BIDU up $17.28

Although, early in the day the stock was up $29.4 which caught my attention to it....

I bought my calls during a time of the day when the stock was up between $19-$20 which considerably lower then $29…

I thought It would rally back to the up $25 range…

Alas! It did not and instead moved lower to only $13 up at one time….

It came back up again a little but not as had projected/hoped?

BOT to Open 1 BPJ LT BPJ Dec $400 CALL Limit $7.30 Day 3:05 PM Executed $7.30

BIDU Dec07 $400 CALL
Bid 6.10 — — —
Ask 6.60 — — —
Last 6.10 — — —
Change 1.10 [22.00%] — — —
Volume 1,461 — — —
Delta 0.95 — — —
Open Int 3,834

BAIDU COM INC 326.14 17.28 [5.59%] Nov 26 1:00 PM
Bid: 324.76 Size: 1 Ask: 325.99 Size: 1 Vol: 11,530,159 Realtime

Apparently, there was some news for BIDU’s move:

“Baidu (BIDU) rose 5.6% as investors saw a buying opportunity in a
stock that has pulled back about 12% in the last month. Interest in Baidu, regarded as the Google
(GOOG - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) of China, comes after IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI),
the U.S. Internet conglomerate, said Friday that it will invest $100 million to expand its
presence in the Chinese market. Baidu was up $17.28 to $326.14,
while Google was down $10.70, or 1.6%, to $666.00. “

Earlier in the day I tried to buy GOOG as below but ‘luckily’ I was not able to and hence was saved form a loss….

GOOG was down $10 by the end of the day?

Buy to Open GOQ LS Dec $800 CALL Limit $1.50 Day 10:35 AM Cancelled

Saturday, November 24, 2007

GOOG up $16

I sold my Calls today…..

11/23/07 Sold 2 GOQ LL Call Google Inc $760 Exp 12/22/07 @ $3.80

Finally ‘accepting’ a price for them ….

The gain I had made seemed good enough ….

Today was a short (the mkt was open until 10:00am only) day and I was busy with other activities …. So I did not really had time to keep changing my target price…..?

Although GOOG may keep moving upOr it may fall tomorrow….

I may regret selling at this price….

I think I had enough gains?!

Considering my account’s condition since the last week…. I needed to make a profitable trade to restore my confidence!

Or may be even my ability to keep trading?!!!

FSLR may be ready to reverse?

It appears to be dwindling….after moving higher and higher for the last few weeks….

Today I noticed the stock just hovering between +$2.5 and –$2.6 all day….. unlike its straight moves in upward direction….

Looking at the volatility for FSLR …. speed it has been going up…

I think it could start falling rapidly….

I will monitor FSLR next week….

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TSL down 23%

I found this stock in one of my screeners… the declining stocks screener.

I checked volatility it was very high…. Assuming there is more room for decline!

TSL 37.37 -11.51 -23.55%
After Hours: 37.50 +0.13 / +0.35% Vol. 5,000

Bought a put...

TSL XF BOT to Open 1 Limit $1.45 Executed $1.45

I entered the order (set limit $1.45) when the ask was $1.6 …

The stock moved up a little and my order was filled….

I kept changing my target price, chasing...

As GOOG kept moving up I didn’t sell my calls that I bought yesterday.... I kept changing my target price, chasing... starting form $2.8 to $3.5 and back to $3.0 .!? Every time the stock made a move I changed my target price? I could have easily achieved what my target was in the morning....

when I saw GOOG is up in the morning I was relieved, as the night before I had a feeling that GOOG will certainly be lower tomorrow, I felt oh!, I did not lose... that's great ....

I told myself let's sell @ $3.0... That should be a good enough gain? ...

then I changed my target price to $3.1 and as soon as I saw the bid price getting closer to my asking price ... I changed again to $3.5?

GOQ LL Sell to Close 2 Limit $2.85 Cancelled
GOQ LL Sell to Close 2 Limit $2.95 Cancelled
GOQ LL Sell to Close 2 Limit $3.10 Cancelled
GOQ LL Sell to Close 2 Limit $3.50 Cancelled
GOQ LL Sell to Close 2 Limit $3.10 Cancelled

At one point during this time, I could have even gotten $3.3?

but I kept imagining GOOG moving up and up... more and more??? optimisim? greed? or just simple plain 'having no specific target'? in mind? Alas! the $3.5 target selling price was never met .... I saw GOOG retreating during the very last few minutes of the day... and in a desperate attempt, I accordingly changed the target price to $3.0?

but right at that moment the bid also changed! ... moving lower ... and I did not get my target price ... I feel bad now ... I feel I let go of my gains for the day ... I could have made some money!

I just could not pull the trigger... But at the same time I have some hope! In me…

What if GOOG go higher the next day....

may be I did the right thing today? only the next day’s opening price could tell the outcome of my decisions today...

if (the decision of) not accepting (or selling at) a lower price will be (rewarding) good or (loosing) bad?

GOQ LL Sell to Close 2 Limit $3.00 Expired

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Volatility in DISH today

the spike in volatility...

the stock has been up 16% for the week but as volatility spiked the stock fell 8%

FSLR down $15?

While GOOG was up $25 at one point during the day!

It was also down by $15 (being up only $7.6) around 11:30am today....

That is a huge range for the day almost $18 ….

GOQ LL BOT to Open 1 Limit $2.75
GOQ LL BOT to Open 1 Limit $2.00

The 1st call I bought was in the morning....

As I saw GOOG was up $26 ... early

I entered an order for to buy 1 call @ $2.75 ....

while at that moment the asking price was @ $3.3 ....

But by the time I get to work my order was filled… an hr later?

For the rest of the day I monitored both GOOG and FSLR …. as both were volatile today

Around noon (12:15pm) .... when GOOG fell ... the asking price for the call (GOQ LL) fell below $2.0 and I entered to buy order to buy 1 call @ $2.0 which was filled in few minutes ….

both the stocks closed as below...

GOOGLE INC 648.54 22.69 [3.63%] Nov 20 1:00 PM
Bid: 648.62 Size: 1 Ask: 649.76 Size: 5 Vol: 9,692,642 Realtime
Day's High 659.10 Day's Low 632.87

FIRST SOLAR INC 207.33 -8.43 [-3.91%] Nov 20 1:01 PM
Bid: 207.35 Size: 1 Ask: 207.90 Size: 2 Vol: 5,533,589 Realtime

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finding daily ranges on selected stocks

I am searching for stocks that have wide daily range of at least $10 or more …

Finding such stocks, I will buy calls or puts, depending on the direction the stock is moving that day …

The question is how to find such stocks that will fulfill these criteria?

I consider two variables

Difference in days high and low: Range = Day’s High – Day’s low

I have observed that stocks with the following characteristics :

High Beta (> 3) has higher ranges.
Stock price has to be high enough to have a range (> $100).
Avg. daily volume has to high (> 1 million).
Options volume has to be large as well.
Stock must have some movement (last volume > avg. daily volume) for the day to be traded.

Some of the stocks listed below have come close to my criteria:


Although they are all well know stocks, and could be considered as momentum stocks as well in today’s market (that is not the reason for me to trade them).

Daily trades

BOT to Open 1 HJQXM HJQ Dec $165 PUT Limit $8.60 $8.70 Day 11/15/07
SLD to Close 5 GPYKH GPY Nov $240 CALL Limit $0.25 $0.05 Day
SLD to Close 11 QQQKY QQQ Nov $51 CALL Limit $0.22 $0.07 Day

FSLR up $4.6

This morning I observed that my GS position has taken a big beating as I had expected… lost more then 50% value…

Frustrated I tried different things to day… placed different orders then canceled in confusion….

Finally I came across FSLR as it was up almost $7 as the rest of the mkt was down …. I observed the stock for a while then decided to buy a put as the sentiment was so –ve for the overall mkt…

I thought that FSLR will not be able to maintain it up run and will end up in the –ve…

At one point during the day around 11:30am FSLR did actually went –ve for a brief time but came up again…

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am hoping

Today, I am not sure what I did? why?

In the morning I noticed GS was up $4.7

since the financials has been beaten down badly in recent days so I thought it was time for them to rally …..

GS was the one stock up the most …. (early in the morning…)

I bought a call as I have been doing: Goldman Sachs Grp $240 Exp 11/17/07 …

GPY KH BOT to Open 1 @ $2.00
GPY KH BOT to Open 4 @ $1.50

I bought the 1st call early in the morning … and as I saw the price moving in a range I entered another order to buy 4 calls @ $1.5 …

and left for lunch ….

When I came back the order was filled and the last price for the call was quoted @ $1.05?

I also noticed that ETFC was moving up strongly (+10.80%)

on very heavy volume.. (Volume 156.01 Mil vs Avg. Daily Vol. 25.47 Mil)

this stock has declined almost 50% in the last two weeks!

its options volume was also very high … I entered a limit order to buy 5 calls @ $0.8 ..

The asking price was higher at the time…

Coming back from lunch the order was filled …?

EUS LI BOT to Open 5 @ $0.80 Exp 12/22/07

earlier in the morning I had bought 10 QQQQ calls: Call Powershares Qqq Tr $51 Exp 11/17/07

QQQ KY BOT to Open 10 @ $0.50

I don’t know why I bought these ….. ? may be just b/c the mrkt may rally today... just like yesterday!

most of the calls I bought today are expiring in 3 days…. 11/17?

if I don’t get to sell tomorrow they will expire worthless!

I don’t know why I bought so many calls today? 20?

This is just ‘overtrading’!!!!!

And it will have consequences on my account… I know there will be ….

Although I am hoping one of these positions will bail me out….

But the expiration date is very close?!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AAPL up $16

Today was quite a different day from what happened last week and up until yesterday…

As if the trend has reversed at an 180 degree angle …

almost every single stock was up!!! …

All the stocks that were beaten down badly, were comming back vigorously…

looking at my list below:


In the morning I noticed AAPL is up $7!

as for that matter all the mrkt was up as well….

I thought AAPL was the best bet for me … so I bought a Call:

APV KM BOT to Open 1 Limit $3.05
APV KM SLD to Close 1 Limit $5.80

I am thinking of taking a pause for sometime… at least from day-trading options…

Monday, November 12, 2007

FSLR Down $20

Witnessing FSLR down almost $18 this morning…

Bought HJQWP FSLR Nov07 $180 PUT — — — $5.0
Sold HJQWP FSLR Nov07 $180 PUT — — — $7.8

Immediately after I buy the stock plunges to -$24...

Initially I had an exit for $7 but as I saw the stock going my way I changed my sell order to $7.8 …. Which was never filled…

Greed over came me as usual… this is what happened to my Friday….

Now an hr later I can’t seem to look away from the quote …. Every time it moves down I am happy/satisfied… every time it moves up I try to console myself, … try to imagine it will come down…

I am also watching SPWR which belongs to the same sector as FSLR and is amazingly moving the same way as FSLR…. Interesting!

At 1:50pm my order got filled, the stock was down $25.8!!!?

Friday, November 9, 2007

FSLR Down $16

This stock was up almost $60 yesterday…

The volatility in the stock has gone up a lot, IV touching 25% while HV is at around 15%....

This morning I noticed the stock was down just a few $$...

BOT to Open 1 HJQ WB Nov $210 PUT Limit $8.10
Soon after I witnessed the price doubling to $16 at that moment it was down 10%

I held on to my position expecting it to move further, but the stock came back…

For the rest of the day it has been ranging -5% to -6%

I am hoping that the stock will repeat its action in the last hr of the day … ,i.e, a decline of 10%?

I have an order to sell my put for $16 … so far it looks like it may just a wish!!!

SLD to Close 1 HJQ WB Nov $210 PUT Limit $11.0

Thursday, November 8, 2007

GOOG down $32

GOOG went down a lot today at one point it was down close to $60...

From my screener of declining stocks the top 4 decliners are big Technology stocks…

Yesterday I noticed FSLR was up $39 after hrs!!!!

This morning I noticed it was up $42… So I did the following trade:

HJQ KX BOT to Open 1 Limit $1.50 Executed $1.50
HJQ KX SLD to Close 1 Limit $5.20 Executed $5.20

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

GOOG down $16

At one point today GOOG was down $16

I bought GOOG Nov 2007 690.0000 put (GO QWR) @ $3 …

Later in the day I sold GO QWR for $4.5

All day I watching GOOG moving ^ $3 and Down $2, eventually during the final hr. it took a decisive move and I sold my put….

Was very interesting day for me as I had predicted in the right direction or just got lucky..

In the morning I noticed that the overall mkt was down…

I observed that GOOG has been up a lot during the last two days so the stock has become very volatile…

Monday, November 5, 2007

GOOG up $14?

Google went up $14 today on the news it is entering the cell phone market....

I bought NOV 780 Call GOQKO @ 2.30 ....

The value of the call at close was 2.70...

At one point the call price went down to $1.90 and the highest I saw for the day was 2.80....

I had a limit order for 2.8 but it was never executed....

My day order expired.....

I know the stock will be down 20 tomorrow and I will loose that 2.3....

Every investment comes with a risk...

In case of options the risk can be a 100% loss...

Friday, November 2, 2007

MER Falls

MER fell to $54.6 today...

long after I have sold my puts at a loss...