Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BIDU up $20

BIDU 399.67 +19.09 +5.02
GOOG 710.84 +10.11 +1.44%
FSLR 280.91 +8.87 +3.36%

Retailer said the 2007 holiday season was its strongest since it opened in 1994.

AMZN 92.85 +1.84 +2.02

LDK 51.88 +3.20 +6.57%

Many stocks within the sector declined last week after LDK Solar Co. reported surging prices for polysilicon, a key manufacturing material, cut into the company's third-quarter profit margins. Monday was a half-day of trading before the Christmas holiday.
Here is how key solar stocks fared:
Solarfun Power Holdings Co. surged the most, posting a gain of $4.39, or 15.3 percent, to close at $33.15.
LDK rose $3.55, or 7.9 percent, to $48.68

Saturday, December 22, 2007

FSLR up $20

As LDK was down $20 a few days ago looks like all the money moved to FSLR yesterday?

I am wondering why did FSLR went up so much as there was no big news? just some news about zack's recommending the stock!

RIMM was up the most in my stock list... I bought a call during the later hrs of the day seeing the price for the option has declined from the morning...

In the morning, i.e., 7:00am when I noticed RIMM was still moving up from its Thursday move of $12 (after hrs) ... I tried buy two calls RULAD for $2.5. At the time asking price was $3.0. I entered a limit order and left, thinking the price will coming to my asking price soon but it never did?

The call ended the day as below:

RULAD 6.450 +2.350 +57.32% 6.500

(it was selling for $7.3 at one point)

Disappointed, (for not getting inn on the profit from above) I bought a different call around 11:30am.

My justification "the price is going to appreciate as the move in the stock will intensify during the last hr of the day" but instead it declined in price:

Bought 1 RULAE Call Exp 01/19/08 $125 $4.90

Thursday, December 20, 2007

LDK down $20

Yesterday I noticed that LDK was down $3.6... after hrs it was down another $5...
this morning I was ready to buy a put ....

As I logged in at 7:00am I saw LDK down $13!

I decided to buy a put :

LDK MI Buy to Open 2 Limit $2.40 Cancelled
LDK MI Buy to Open 1 Limit $2.50 Expired

The ask was @ $3 at that time so I entered limit order under the mkt ... thinking LDK will reverse durring the day and my order will be filled....

The stock keep declining straight .... finished the day with -$20.6...

LDK MI LDK Jan08 $45 PUT Bid 5.80 Ask 6.00 Last 5.78 ....?

LDK 47.85 -18.26 -27.62% After Hours: 45.72 -2.13 / -4.45% Vol. 124,600

Piper Jaffray downgrades Neutral to Sell ?

"Target $34.5. Piper downgraded LDK to Sell from Neutral and maintains their $34.50 tgt
following earnings. Firm says that uncertainties still exist with respect to LDK's low turns of
2.2x, unsubstantiated contract supply with 25% exposure to spot, high risk polysilicon ramp
with targets they assess as overly aggressive, and numerous shareholder law suits."

I wonder why did the analyst downgraded the stock now and not a few days ago when the stock was moving high and high everyday?

RIMM moved up $12 after hrs:

106.99 +4.86 +4.76% After Hours: 119.60 +12.61 / +11.79% Vol. 3.55 Mil

the company beat earning:

"Research in Motion Ltd.'s fiscal third-quarter profit more than doubled on strong demand for
its BlackBerry smart phones and related services by consumers and businesses"

BIDU has almost come back up form its -$40 decline.... but the call I was holding is worth 10c someone who has sold the call would have benefited a lot!

BIDU 380.15 +5.17 +1.38% After Hours: 383.25 +3.10 / +0.82% Vol. 42,569

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BIDU up $16

the stock is up my call is not up... close to expiration? .. yesterday was an interesting day... a day which almost felt like an accident has happened...

BIDU falling and coming backup like today means the call for next month has become really cheap I should have rolled over my call to next months before it re-bounded...

A few traders that I regularly follow had big losses yesterday...


"Total Net -$9211.85
Net -$3057.71 on 4116 shares
Net -$6154.14 Swing
12:55 - I have two choices, post my losses or hide. I want to hide. It is painful, even sickening as I am sure it is painful to read for some. It is not the first time I have blown my account, I really thought I had improved as a trader, I guess not so much. The market always has more to teach, and so humbling when you least expect it. I got it wrong again today, too much power, too many shares. Before I know it I am close to my max loss and I painfully try to save my trades. By the time I got out of my longs and went short, the market reversed, how typical."


"Me, -$713 on 20,800 shares traded.
Wow, this market sure looks ugly. Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about
"September redux?" It looks like all those low volume rallies were just one big head
fake.Sheesh... how can a guy be so right and so wrong at the same time?"

I have decided that I am going to develop a system to take advantage of the high volatility in my list of stocks. Will try to observe the changes in volatility...

Monday, December 17, 2007

I just enjoy the action

Today one of my call on BIDU declined from $800 to $120 -$700 a big decline. But strangely it did not feel as bad as I usually feel. I am all worried about a call moving down $10-$5 but this did not had any feelings as such, which I am very surprised.

Analyzing the situation, I think partly I am not sitting at my cubical watching the stock and waiting for it to move up or down (in other words to do something).

May be since all the stocks on my list are down it does not make me feel 'it was a bad decision' rather 'this is something out of control'.

I have a sense of confidence that this is as far low as it can go (and now it will move up).

Coincidentally, I was holding a put on another stock (FSLR) and that put appreciated in price. This made me feel like 'I did not totaly screw up'?

I am not at work place sitting in my cubical as usual...

Or may be non of the above.

I just enjoy the action up or down? as long as it there is some action.

BIDU down -$41

BIDU is down $41?!!! .... an amazing drop in all the stocks in my list ...

In the morning I noticed that BIDU was down $10 I ignored it (or accepted it as destiny), I thought it would come back up again during the last hr of the day, as it has done for the last few day... instead the decline intensified during the last hr... I was unable to monitor all day as I am in class... may be that's why it did nt feel as bad?

ISRG 305.70 -19.19 -5.91
BIDU 356.00 -36.91 -9.39%
FSLR 231.97 -19.72 -7.84%
GOOG 669.23 -20.73 -3.00%
RTP 401.45 -21.05 -4.98%
SPWR 121.49 -6.70 -5.23%

Accept for LDK which was up on a news:

LDK 68.18 +11.34 +19.95%

Luckily, I was holding a put on ISRG which went up and saved me from a complete wipe out.

AXV XT SLD to Close 1 Limit $5.00 Executed $5.00

LDK SOLAR CO LTD 68.18 11.34 [19.95%]

Friday, December 14, 2007

I must be doing something..

This morning after noticing my positions doing exactly what ‘I expected them to be’… I decide to do nothing. Just wait until the last hr of trading and decide at that time.
I was expecting the price movement to accelerate in the last hr of the day, at which point I could close my positions. But all day long I had these feelings that I needed to be doing something? I felt apathy for myself doing ‘nothing’. I felt 'I needed to do something about that position?' I have to either sell or look to buy something else. There was an immense mental pressure telling me ‘I must be doing something’. I could hardly look away from the stock quote. All the articles and the news that I usually read seemed dull and un-interesting. Nothing seemed to get my attention away. I kept clicking the mouse button, checking to see ‘what was happening’ to the stock.
Finally, I found an interesting ‘blog’ to read called ‘options addict’. The story was interesting enough to get my attention away from the stock quote? I did come back though during the last hr of the day to see the final action.

RTP down -$16

This stock is amazing... how fast can it move up and down?
RTP 422.50 -15.52 -3.54%After Hours: 422.99 +0.49 / +0.12% Vol. 400

This stock has moved up a lot in the recent weeks... on Nov. 18th it moved up +$82 (in one day). Watching the price movement and options volume, I think I could have made some day trades. As the call I am holding was at one point bid for $7.9 and end of day $8.9. The vol of the call was high too for the day.

On that day IV moved from 50% to 85%... now IV has moved back to 60% yet the stock is falling....

RTP has been down since very early in the morning... and never was up for the whole day...

BIDU was up $6 in the morning and I was tempted to sell the call but then I reassured my self that it will be up $12 at least near the end of the day...?

BIDU 392.91 +5.91 +1.53%After Hours: 392.25 -0.66 / -0.17% Vol. 14,875

ISRG was down -$6 in the morning, I got immediately excited… both my positions were going my way today!

ISRG 324.89 -3.71 -1.13%
After Hours: 332.61 +7.72 / +2.38% Vol. 4,560

Later it turned around and moved backup $4. … I waited to see my ‘hypothesis’ of prices turning around @ 11:30am … it did turn around by that time both BIDU and ISRG….

Thursday, December 13, 2007

RTP down -$24

Today was a disappointing day for me .... I did nt wake up early enough as I usually do... when I checked the mkt was much lower... BIDU was -$10 ...

since I was holding a call and the way it appreciated just before close last night I was hoping for a big gain today?

Observing BIDU yesterday and the over all mkt, as it had turned around durring the last hrs of the day... I kept hoping that the same will happen today and it certainly did... at the end of the day BIDU was down only -$2....

My hope and patience paid off and I did nt sell the call at a much lower price... as I would have on a normal day... at the end of the day the call was above my buy price?

BIDU Day's High 389.09 Day's Low 376.77 Volume 4.93 Mil

I bought a Put on ISRG as this was the stock down the most in my list, it was down $10 but came back up like the rest of the mkt....

AXV XT BOT to Open 1 Limit $1.85 Executed $1.85

ISRG 328.60 -6.64 -1.98%
After Hours: 325.50 -3.10 / -0.94% Vol. 7,661

The only stock that was up on high volume and stayed up for the day was MA

MA 223.20 +9.30 +4.35%
Volume 4.80 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.31 Mil
After Hours: 223.99 +0.79 / +0.35% Vol. 3,200
"The most basic unit of sentiment for the short-term trader is whether a given trade occurs at the market bid or the offer"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BIDU up $10

As I checked the mkt this morning, to much surprise, all the stocks were up!
There was a new that "The Fed offers a new plan to add liquidity to the global markets".
I thought my puts from yesterday would be worth nothing, I checked GOOG was up $8. Even though I believed that this was a "sympathy" rally and the mkt will move down, but I saw the mkt moving up and I changed my opinion. All scared I sold my put:

GOQXP SLD to Close 1 Limit $5.00 Executed $5.0

But minutes later the stocks started moving downward and ended in the -ve territory.. my put was worth a lot more by the end of the day:

GOQ XP GOOGLE INC CLASS A PUT GOQ DEC 680 12/11/07 $4.86 $8.50 $2.70 $485.60

A gain of $485 missed?

I start noticing BIDU move higher ... upset about missing an opportunity in GOOG I decided to buy a call placing an order below asking price... Soon after I bought the Call went down to $6.2... but then during the last 20min it moved vigorously higher... was up $10.6 end of day... with higher volume, there was no particular news?

BPJLT BOT to Open 1 Limit $8.00 Executed $8.00

BIDU 389.00 +10.62 +2.81% Volume 8.05 Mil
After Hours: 388.30 -0.70 / -0.18% Vol. 631,126

Price 378.38 -18.92
Change (%): -4.76%
52 wk High 416.88 11/05/2007
52 wk Low 93.52 04/02/2007
Stock volume 8,736,383
Avg. options volume: 34,430
Avg. options open interest 346,370

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

FSLR down $13

Exciting day!

After hrs FSLR is up $7?

FSLR 236.29 -13.71 -5.48%
After Hours: 243.65 +7.36 / +3.12% Vol. 60,381

I bought a put accordingly, feeling, I am missing on a big opportunity...

today I was also listening to MSNBC channel and everyone was repeating the same stance that the "feds decision was a bad move", "it will affect the mkt in a -ve way"...

All the stocks in my list were down... I looked for the ones that were down the most GOOG and FSLR were top.. so I bought a put on both...

HJQ XT BOT to Open 1 Limit $1.80 Executed $1.80

The 'Fed' did nt cut the 'rate' by 50, as was expected, only cutting by 25?

As I heard the news I saw the dow and other indexes moving down, DOW was down 300....

I felt as if "every stock is going to tank" immediately I start to sell my calls to

CFC DS SLD to Close 1 Limit $2.00 Executed $2.00
LDK LN SLD to Close 1 Limit $2.50 Executed $2.50

I bought the put below from a stock out of my 'declining stocks' screener, mostly out of boredom:

ARU XI BOT to Open 1 Limit $0.80 Executed $0.80

I bought a call on MA early in the morning as it was up the most among my list, I was the 'only' stock that stayed up even after the fed announcement and the indexes declining:

MAL LU BOT to Open 1 Limit $1.35 Executed $1.35

witnessing the mkt going down real fast I wanted to buy a put on something just 'something'?

GOOG seemed as the best candidate as it was down the most in $$ amount.... my decision seemed good until the mkt close... but after hrs the story was different.

GOOG 699.20 -19.22 -2.67%
After Hours: 718.19 +18.99 / +2.72% Vol. 691,537

GOQ XP BOT to Open 1 Limit $4.80 Executed $4.80

Monday, December 10, 2007

FSLR up $14

I did not wanted to trade today?!

As I checked in the morning, FSLR and RIMM was both up ... I wanted to leave at it....

But when I came to work I started looking around... LDK was up a lot and there was also a news about LDK getting a big customer....

"LDK Solar Co. said Monday it has entered a 10-year contract with Q-Cells AG, which will make prepayments to finance LDK's expansion"

Today was the day for the Solar stocks most of them were up....

LDK was up 30% and the vol was very high for the day so I jumped in and bought a call:

LDKLN BOT to Open 1 Limit $2.50 Executed $2.50

Seeing FSLR going up and up very fast. I could nt resist set a sell order for my call.... I kept changing my asking price finally getting the price I was asking for...

HJQLZ SLD to Close 1 Limit $8.00 Executed $8.00

RIMM was not moving .... and I needed to do something better with my money so I sold the call and used that money to buy a call on LDK...

RULLB SLD to Close 1 Limit $4.00 Executed $4.00

Here is how some key solar stocks fared Thursday:

FSLR $14.5, 6.3% $250.40. Volume 4.82 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.82 Mil
LDK $13.61,28.8% $58.42. Volume 11.79 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.31 Mil
SOLF $1.3, 5.2% $22.95. Volume 7.98 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 640,650
SPWR $.78, 0.3% $75.40. Volume 2.32 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.05 Mil

Today was a good day for me ... I wish there were more days like this one...

Friday, December 7, 2007

FSLR up $17

This morning FSLR was down $2?

I tried to buy a put as below:

HJQ XQ Buy to Open 1 Limit $3.00 Cancelled

Lucky me, this is how it was trading later in the day:

HJQXQ Bid 1.90 Ask 2.20

After 10:00am I checked FSLR was trading +$7.00... I tried to but the call but did nt succeed...

HJQ LZ Buy to Open 1 Limit $3.10 Cancelled

Soon after FSLR was trading +$10.00 and for there on just a straight climb to +17...

I submit a limit order for the following call which was below the ask... but got lucky !

HJQ LZ BOT to Open 1 Limit $4.50 Executed $4.50

This is how the solar stocks ended up for the day and apparently without any significant news !

FSLR 235.98 +17.58 +6.22% Volume 5.72 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.82 Mil
LDK 44.29 +3.87 +9.57 Volume 3.79 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.31 Mil
SOLF 24.95 +2.00 +8.71% Volume 7.38 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 640,650
SPWR 133.00 +7.56 +6.03% Volume 3.42 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.05 Mil

GRMN was not moving so I closed my position:

RZJ LB SLD to Close 1 Limit $4.20 Executed $4.20

I bought a call on CFC as my couleage at work has convinced me that this stock has bottomed out and is ready for re-bound

CFC DS BOT to Open 1 Limit $2.40 Executed $2.40

Thursday, December 6, 2007

RIMM up $3

GOOG was up $16 for the day.....

I started the day buying RIMM it was up in the morning but gradually declined….

RIMM 103.88 +2.92 +2.89%
RUL LB BOT to Open 1 Limit $5.10 Executed $5.05

LDK and other solar power shares fell on the news :

LDK 40.42 -1.61 -3.83
LDK LJ SLD to Close 1 Limit $2.00 Executed $2.00 Tuesday, Dec. 11

Here is how some key solar stocks fared Thursday:

"Shares of solar cell makers closed mostly lower Thursday,
as an analyst predicted that a federal energy bill containing solar
subsidies will not become law"

FSLR -$7.53, 3.3% $218.40. Volume 4.52 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.82 Mil
LDK -$1.61, 3.8% $40.42. Volume 3.79 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.31 Mil
SOLF -$1, 4.2% $22.95. Volume 9.98 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 640,650
SPWR -$1.78, 2.3% $75.40. Volume 2.42 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.05 Mil

DELL moved up and I sold my puts at a loss:
DLQ XX SLD to Close 10 Limit $0.10 Executed $0.10

SHLD is gradually moving up, I sell the put at a loss:
KTQ XS SLD to Close 1 Limit $0.35 Executed $0.35

LDKLJ SLD to Close 1 Limit $2.00 Executed $2.00

Would CFC be a good buy at this point?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

FSLR up $11.3

GRMN stayed up just a little for the day...

I was expecting it to go up a lot as it did yesterday... But did nt move it was up $4 in the morning

I could have sold my call for a profit (as my intentions were last night) but I did nt?....

I saw all the mkt was moving considerably higher ... and felt the GRMN could go up even further...

It did move a little but then durring the last hr of the day it started declining.... and barely stayed in the +ve...

This morning I bought a Call on LDK:

LDK LJ BOT to Open 1 Limit $5.00 Executed $5.00

inspired form its $10 up move yesterday... and reading the news that there is going to be some move in the congress in favour of SOLAR stocks... I was very excited... and rightfully so the stock was up another $5 this morning!

"The House of Representatives is expected to vote on an energy bill within the next two days. An energy bill before Congress is expected to move quickly, The main issue is alternative energy. If approved this is perceived as a positive for LDK and other stocks in the sector,"
Unfortunatly that is when I bought my call and LDK never came back even close to that level for the rest of the day :(

LDK Solar Co Ltd
Last: 42.03 Change: +1.06 Volume: 6,856,670

My call lost considerable value:

LDKLJ 3.00 -0.30 -9.09% Strike Price 50.000
Open 4.400 Volume 2,651 Day's
High 5.900 Day's Low 2.850

FSLR, RTP, PTR, BIDU, GOOG made big move... may be I should stick with them for now....

FSLR 225.93 11.39 [5.31%] Dec 5 2:01 PM Bid: 225.59 Size: 2 Ask: 226.03 Size: 1
Vol: 4,266,234

RIMM 100.96 -0.54 -0.53%

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I enjoy this feeling?

I had uneasy feelings today when I was unable to login to my brokerage account for a brief period of the day. My broker’s website must have been down. During this time period I felt very uneasy and anxious. I was trying, impatiently, other websites such as MSN etc to see what was happening to the stock prices. Soon after as I was able to login again, and see my account, and noticed the position going my way (i.e., the stock declining while I was holding puts) I was relieved. My anxiety suddenly went away. Now I am not sure if the uneasiness was due to my inability to login to the account, or it was due to the stock not going my way? After witnessing the stock going my way, I became happy and enjoyed the feelings.

FSLR down $14

* Pay strong attention to the levels set in the first half hour of trading.

This morning after watching my list of stock, I noticed both my positions RIMM and FSLR were down just slightly.

FSLR was down more then RIMM.

While I monitored the stocks RIMM was acting erratic… moving up and down. It made me uneasy and I quickly decided to sell.

I entered an order to sell my put:

RUL XL SLD to Close 1 Limit $7.50 Executed $7.50

Another missed opportunity in RIMM?

Even though I didn’t encounter a loss on this position I felt missing an opportunity of taking better gain. RIMM moved down further in a decisive move later part in the day and the put price got to where I would have loved selling it.

RIMM Dec07 $105 PUT
Bid 9.75
Ask 9.85
Last 9.65
Change 1.25 [14.88%]
Volume 3,275
Delta -0.56
Open Int 4,476

FSLR was down from very earlier in the day and kept moving down while in a range. The decline intensified during the last ½ hr of the day and I sold my put during that ½ hr:

HJQ XR SLD to Close 1 Limit $6.80 Executed $6.80

FIRST SOLAR INC 214.75 -14.47 [-6.31%] Dec 4 1:00 PM
Bid: 214.54 Size: 8 Ask: 214.55 Size: 5 Vol: 5,837,635 Real-time

I made another trade around 11:50am. I noticed GRMN up a 5% (up the most in my list of stocks). I entered an order to buy a call (below the mkt asking $4.6) at the time I entered a limit order for $4.0 and was executed soon.

RZJ LB BOT to Open 1 Limit $4.00 Executed $4.00

I am a bit nervous about this trade, since I have never traded GRMN before, and I don’t usually buy something this late in the day.

I believe GRMN should continue its move up for another day or two. I will try to sell my call early tomorrow!?
* The Federal Open Market Committee meeting is slated for T

Monday, December 3, 2007

Why am I unable to stop looking at the price action?

Today I noticed that I was unable to look away from my stock/options position. Even though, I knew, that it does not matter weather I am watching it or not. I felt like I should know what is ‘happening’. I know that I will have to wait until tomorrow to make a sell or buy decision. I will have to wait and see what the outcome is, I still needed to know how it happened not just what has happened? I hope I will learn something from this? this desire to keep staring at the screen.

I try to learn things, such as, what time during the day is there more volume and quick price action? Since I do have belief about the daily price patterns. I need to verify my hypothesis that “price action reverses (from the direction earlier during the day) around 11:30am and the movement intensifies (in the same directions as was during the earlier part of the day) between 12:00 – 1:00pm EST”. I also try to find how the option prices are reacting to the changes in the in stock prices? How the options volume is affected, and how much is the lag time between the two price movements etc.

When I am holding a position, I get emotionally involved, and unable to monitor or observe. In such cases I get emotional, such as, happynes, sadness, excitement and impatience etc.
In other words, while I am holding and observing a position at the same time, I only get the feelings of pleasure and grief rather then useful observations I am hoping for.

RIMM down $9

In the morning I noticed RIMM was down again…

Since I felt I missed the opportunity on Friday, I was keen to see what will RIMM open as today....

Immediately after open it was down in the red so I wanted to do something…. I monitored the stock for about ½ an hr and noticed there was a lot of 'movement' in the options as well…

The PUT I was interested in was bid @ $6.85 and I entered an limit order to buy @ $6.5 but the price soon moved up to almost $9.0…

So disappointed I entered a limit order for $7.0 and left to get ready for work…

RUL XL Buy to Open 1 Limit $6.50 Cancelled
RUL XL BOT to Open 1 Limit $7.00 Executed $7.00

I came back after an hr to see my order get filled…at this point RIMM down only $6.4 as oppose to being down $9.4 in the morning…Excited... and as the overall mkt was down I noticed FSLR was up $7.3 and was moving higher…

I tried to buy a call… but could nt. ..

Later when I checked on FSLR, it was down $2.79, as I had gut feeling that it is not going to hold up, I switched to try buying a Put. I entered a limit order below the current asking price… and was executed soon:

HJQ XR BOT to Open 1 Limit $4.20 Executed $4.20

Co-incidentally, both stocks were down the same $ fraction at one time and both stocks had a higher volume today:

229.22 -7.93 [-3.34%] Dec 3 1:00 PM
Bid: 229.30 Size: 13 Ask: 229.50 Size: 10 Vol: 4,703,355 Realtime

104.75 -9.07 [-7.97%] Dec 3 1:01 PM
Bid: 104.85 Size: 5 Ask: 104.89 Size: 45 Vol: 34,995,687 Realtime

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Why I over trade?

Since in trading losses are but natural.

When a worker gets frustrated with work conditions, he may display anger and dismay to his colleagues and bosses. He may feel discouraged; complain of not getting the attention or rewards for putting all the hard work. This situation can lead for a worker to quite companies, change careers or even sue the employer if treated unfairly.

Traders’ on the other hand working independently from home or office usually has no one to complain to, show dismay/displeasure of not being rewarded.

Ironically, the reward may be even set by the trader himself, how appropriate.
The employer in his case is a stock or the overall stock market. Since none of them are living entities, often the angr and frustration is projected inwards. As a result a frustrated trader may get his revenge by over trading and making bad decisions, resulting in losing even more money, taking the reward even further away from himself.