Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MER Falls

The CEO resigned..

the stock is only down $2.4?

64.91 2.51 -3.7%

I had bought a put

10/24/07 Bought 1 MER WM $65 EXP 11/17/07

it is worth $2.45 now....

I was hoping the stock will go down to $60 ...

As if the news of CEO's departure was not a news ....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Apple falls

So AAPL fell $3 today, in the morning 7:00am I saw it going down. It was down $1-$1.3 I just ignored it and went to take a shower and get ready for work.

After I came down and watched CNBC, AAPP was down $5 to $180 I was upset and panicked…

I immediately logged in to my account and placed an order to sell the Nov 180 call for $5.80 which I had bought @ $5.45.

When I got to work I checked again I the order was filled…

I was relieved but was also upset that I could have sold the Calls for $8.9 only yesterday…

That mood made me do some more trading…

I saw AMZN falling $14 - $16 to $86 so I bought some puts (Nov 85 puts) @ $3.5

And bought some MER puts @ 4.5

By the end of the day both of my options have lost value…

AAPL has come backup again to almost $185… and the calls are worth $7.5

But I am out of AAPL…. Sad.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Apple went up

Apple went up $12. Now I am worried it may not move up any more! It may start moving down.

I may loose all the gains have made in it?Options haven’t gone up proportionally as the stock has? Tomorrow will be another un-decisive day.... I will have to face what to do if AAPL

- keeps moving up?
- moves down by lets say $5?

Should I sell and get out? or wait for it to come back up again?

How much would I want the stock to move up until:

- I decide to sell
- or buy some puts?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Apple's Earnings

Today AAPL came out with 60% increase in earnings year over year, MSN said:

"Apple Inc.'s fiscal fourth-quarter profits jumped 67 percent to cap a year that saw unprecedented momentum

Apple's stock price, which has more than doubled since January, rose $3.94, or 2.3 percent, to close at $174.36. After the earnings report, shares climbed about $12, almost 7 percent, in extended trading"

174.36 +3.94 +2.31%
After Hours: 186.09 +11.73 / +6.73% Vol. 14.95 Mil

So the stock went up more then $10 after hrs as I had expected.

The question is what should I do now... that is the delima. Should I sell early in the morning?

Or let it keep going up? Will it keep going up? Should I buy some puts now?

I am holding Nov 185 Calls, I dont know what will happen in the morning.