Monday, March 31, 2008

Treasury pitches regulatory overhaul

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson revealed sweeping plans on Monday for streamlining a hodgepodge of regulations that are blamed for allowing the U.S. mortgage crisis to balloon into a full-blown economic threat.

Commodities prices plunge in sell-off

Thursday, March 27, 2008

GOOG $380 Put GOPPP BOT to Open 1 Limit $3.00 Executed $3.00
GOOG 444.08 -14.11 -3.08%

RIMM 112.15 -6.00 -5.08%
AAPL 140.25 -4.81 -3.32%

FSLR 227.49 +7.30 +3.32%
SKF 114.98 +4.00 +3.60%

Dow, S&P turn up; worries about financials ease

Stocks mixed after GDP report; tech sags
Investors seemed unwilling to make big bets that the economy will soon recover.
Investors will likely be examining comments from Federal Reserve officials for insights into how the economy, and specifically the financial sector, are faring. Several Fed officials are slated to speak Thursday.

Corporate profits fall, GDP growth unrevised

Gold, silver fall on dollar's rise

Fed policy-maker warns of recession

The U.S. economy seems to be slipping into recession and the Federal Reserve must cushion the pain and make it as brief as possible, a Fed policy maker said on Thursday.

Out of the Gate: Google stock falls

Lehman Brothers analyst Doug Anmuth cut his 2008 profit estimate and reduced his price target to $580 per share from $644. He said consumers are clicking on fewer ads, and advertisers may also be trimming their budgets.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GOOG 458.19 +7.41 +1.64%
MER 44.40 -3.45 -7.21%
LEH 42.49 -2.72 -6.02%
GS 175.48 -4.15 -2.31%
RTP 405.70 +9.84 +2.49%

Wall Street falls on banks' profit view, oil's jump

Home sales, durables data point to economic stall

More bad news in housing

Dow slumps 100 as rally fizzles

AAPL will announce earnings on 4/23/2008.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the urges to keep trading?

After I made some (unexpected) gains in GOOG puts last week, I had a hard time containing myself? I kept thinking about the trade, kept multiplying the profits in my brain… almost constantly.

I had promised my self I will not trade for a while, once I had some profits … since each time, in the last year or so, I have made some money, I would subsequently loose it,… almost immediately.. for some unknown reasons.

This time, realizing this fact, I tried to tie myself to the 'mast', and not trade… immediately moving most of the money (I had made) out of my brokers account… but still I left a little (which I should nt have) … for trading?

But even this act was not enough!

Not only did I use that money for some unplanned/unwise trades…

I still could not stop thinking and imagining, about how ‘I have made this money, I can make more like this way, how much I could have made?, If I keep making this amount…? Etc etc’

Even I went out of town for a wedding I still kept thinking about trading/making a lot of money, kept thinking about my future when I have lots of money…

It wasn’t until I had lost some money that all this stopped….!

Almost as if this was necessary for the stress to go away….?

Either (maybe) it was me not trading… that was producing the stress, the thinking, the constant imaginating.etc

Or is it in my nature? Is it necessary for me, that I must loose some money to deal with some sort of stress, to deal with the urges to keep trading?

or maybe it helps me avoid thinking/memory of something else?
GOP DV SLD to Close 1 Limit $3.00 Executed $3.00

Monday, March 24, 2008

BOT to Open 1 GOPDV Apr $520 CALL Executed $4.00

GOOG 460.56 +27.01 +6.23%

BIDU 238.39 +30.49 +14.67%

ISRG 325.13 +24.44 +8.13%

FSLR 209.60 +15.94 +8.23%
SPWR 68.20 +7.17 +11.75%

MA 215.27 -5.11 -2.32%

V 59.45 -4.90 -7.61%

Wall Street jumps on revised Bear deal

Dow's gain may signal market's worst is over

The blue-chip index jumps 187 points, and tech stocks soar. JPMorgan boosts its Bear Stearns offer to $10 a share. Some traders say the gains show the market has bottomed. Existing-home sales are better than expected. The Justice Department backs XM's merger with Sirius

JPMorgan raises Bear Stearns bid to $10/share

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bought Visa!

V BOT 50 Market Executed $63.0394

GOP OH SLD to Close 6 Limit $20.00 Executed $20.00
BIDU 209.70 -10.51 -4.77%
MA 220.56 +12.17 +5.84%
V 64.46 +7.96 +14.09%
ISRG 300.37 +8.71 +2.99%

Fears mount on jobless, factory data

Evidence of U.S. recession mounted on Thursday with reports showing Mid-Atlantic factory activity in its worst slump since the start of the Iraq war and more workers claiming jobless benefits.

Wall Street rises as inflation fears ease

Stocks jump on hope housing market will stabilize

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BIDU 220.21 -26.32
FSLR 196.97 -7.05
FXP 115.63 15.52
GOOG 432.00 -7.16
OIH 165.52 -10.47
POT 144.44 -16.30
RTP 396.42 -33.86
V 56.50 12.50

Markets slip after Tuesday's rally

Dow tumbles as crude oil, gold fall

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Loosing felt better

It almost felt better…

I made some profits with GOOG puts (the stock going down) for the week…

Ironically, today I could not resist ‘not doing’ something….

After reading the news all day, I bought the $440 GOOG puts (that I had bought and sold previously). Except this time I bought 6 instead of 3.

My rationale for the decision being: the fed's reducing the interest rates by only 0.75% the news and expectations were for a 1% cut….

It made me believe that the mkt is going to fall and it did for a brief moment… I bought the GOOG puts @ $8 (at the same price I had paid on Mar 12).

As it turned out, I was wrong about the mkt, it proceeded to move up (along with GOOG).

The puts were worth only $6.10 by closing time… (-21%) But to my surprise it somehow made me ‘feel’ better.

I think it must have helped me deal with the feelings of boredom and disappointment (relating to my job situation).
GOOG Mar08 $440 PUT

GOPOH BOT to Open 6 Limit $8.00 Executed $8.00

GS up @ 24

AAPL 132.82 6.09
BIDU 246.53 -0.57
BSC 5.91 1.10
DECK 105.23 8.02
FSLR 204.02 10.12
FXP 100.11 -11.49
GOOG 439.16 19.29
GS 175.59 24.57
ISRG 294.75 14.88
MA 210.25 8.73
RIMM 105.00 6.88
RTP 430.28 24.53
SKF 116.61 -20.91

Stocks surge on rate-cut bets

Some observers expect the Fed to make the biggest interest-rate cut since 1984.

Financials drive Wall St sharply higher

Hopes of higher bid boosts Bear shares

Fed cuts key interest rate by 3/4 point

The Federal Reserve slashed a key U.S. interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point on Tuesday, a substantial cut but smaller than many in financial markets had expected.

Wall Street trims gains after Fed action

Stocks stay sharply higher after Fed cut

Visa raises $17.9 billion in record IPO

Dow 12,321.67 +349.42 Nasdaq 2,258.33 +81.32 S&P 1,323.12 +46.52 U.S. Markets

Monday, March 17, 2008

I hesitated... as usual

It was an unusually lucky day from me....

The GOOG put I bought for $8 on Mar 12, I sold it for $21 today... 140% gain... although I could have sold the put for $25 at one point I hesitated... as usual I set my sell price higher to $30? From $25 that is! Which I expected it will hit... the mkt unusually turned around and went up after being down 105 points...

I was luckier then anything... the mkt was down in the morning and GOOG was down a lot $16 in the morning... I checked the options my put was @ $22 quite early...

I think I made a better decision taking the profit... although GOOG might go below $400... There will be other opportunities to come.
GOP OH SLD to Close 3 Limit $21.00 Executed $21.00
BEAR STEARNS COS INC 4.27 -25.73 [-85.77%]

GOOG 419.87 -18.05 -4.12%
BIDU 247.10 -20.95 -7.82%
FSLR 193.90 -6.94 -3.46%
POT 155.05 -5.41 -3.37%
RTP 405.75 -43.00 -9.58%

Stocks fall on Bear bombshell

Markets are spooked after JPMorgan Chase makes a deal to purchase Bear Stearns for $2 per share, although the Fed steps in to restore confidence.

Bear fire sale sparks rout

Wall St sinks as Bear shakes faith in banking

Stunned Bear investors eye legal claims

Stocks down after Bear Stearns deal

Stocks yo-yo after Bear rescue

Sunday, March 16, 2008

BSC 30.00 -27.00 -47.37%

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I will keep on holding ...

I repeat the same mistakes as before...

After I stopped trading for a couple of months, I thought, I would change, but nothing has changed.

I bought the GOOG put yesterday for $8, which near the end of the day was worth $10 I was happy and thought I had made good profit... I will sell it first thing in the morning if it was still up... this morning it was $14 ... 57% profit in one day!...

I did nt sell...I could not sell ... again... Nothing has changed..

My mind still goes into multiplying the $$'s ... I still keep thinking that this is just the beginning of an upward move ...

when I saw the put @ $14, I immediately start imagine it @ $20, imagine how much could I make??? and what would I do with that amount...?

The put is now @ $7.1 down -11% ... tomorrow it will be down to $5...
I will keep on holding ... until it goes down to $2 then I will sell... taking a big loss.

Reminding myself never to do it again!
ISRG 284.98 +10.60 +3.86%
BIDU 268.26 -5.38 -1.97%
POT 160.40 +5.61 +3.62%
Market falls on mounting credit, recession fears

Foreclosures up 60 percent on year

Stocks fall as dollar slides, gold jumps

Carlyle Capital in default, on brink of collapse

Stocks pull off lows after big drop

Positive comments about the financial sector help offset worries about the dollar's decline, oil's rise and gold topping $1,000 an ounce. Carlyle Group's bond fund is about to collapse. Retail sales disappoint. Hank Paulson outlines plans to change the credit markets.

Stocks turn up; gold tops $1,000

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

GOP OH BOT to Open 3 Limit $8.00 Executed $8.00

BIDU 273.64 +13.25 +5.09%
RTP 433.34 +3.96 +0.92%

FSLR 205.88 +7.77 +3.92%

DRYS 62.72 -5.10 -7.52%

ISRG 274.38 +7.21 +2.70%

Euro hits record vs dollar as Fed euphoria fades

More pain expected before credit market recovery

S&P 500 turns lower, telecoms and financials drag

Market rally fades as oil tops $110

Dollar index tumbles to record low

3/12/2008 1:40 PM

Stocks slip on rethink of Fed plan, oil over $110

Stocks fell on Wednesday as optimism receded about the Federal Reserve's latest initiative to ease credit market strains, while a jump in oil prices to a record above $110 a barrel raised fears of further strains on corporate profits

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

$TRINQ 0.46 -0.91
$VIX.X 27.12 -2.26
$VXV.X 26.57 -1.76
AAPL 125.20 5.51
AMZN 65.98 2.51
BIDU 256.88 15.58
CME 492.17 30.92
DECK 96.00 4.50
DRYS 65.61 5.21
FSLR 190.71 14.14
FWLT 60.05 1.55
FXI 144.55 11.10
FXP 88.56 -17.70
GOOG 436.25 22.63
GRMN 55.68 2.58
GS 161.67 6.09
ISRG 265.86 10.28
LDK 21.32 -0.18
MA 195.82 4.32
OIH 176.36 8.23
POT 154.83 11.80
PTR 141.56 9.62
RIMM 98.51 4.92
RTP 426.76 7.66
SHLD 92.48 1.48
SKF 124.35 -15.90
SPWR 59.56 3.45
Dow up 417; best day since 2002

Wall Street has a huge rally after the Federal Reserve says it plans to pump $200 billion into the financial markets to help ease the strain from the credit crisis. Google gets EU approval for its deal to buy DoubleClick.

Stocks soar as Fed injects cash, calms credit fears

U.S. stocks surged on Tuesday, led by financial shares, after the Federal Reserve said it would add up to $200 billion to strained credit markets as part of a coordinated effort with other central banks

Wall Street cheers Spitzer's disgrace

Stocks rally on Fed action

Fed and central banks team up to unstick markets

Stocks fly as Fed's cash infusion calms credit fear

Stocks shoot higher on Fed credit plan

Monday, March 10, 2008

Oil tops $107; stocks fall

Elsewhere, McDonald's reports better-than-expected sales. A rumored rate cut fails to materialize. A big Wall Street bank cuts 5% of its work force. Gas prices jump to record highs

Market falls as credit crisis pressures linger

U.S. stocks fell on Monday, with the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 down 1 percent, as investors sold off financial shares on fears of more credit losses, while concerns that the United States may already be in recession hurt shares of large manufacturers

Friday, March 7, 2008

FSLR 196.82 -11.95 -5.72%
RTP 445.50 -14.80 -3.22%

Dow falls below 12,000 after jobs report

Jobs report shows surprise plunge

Oil hits new record on weak dollar

Economic worries lead market lower after jobs data

Economy hit by biggest job loss in five years

Payrolls fall again, raising recession fears

U.S. employers unexpectedly cut jobs in February at the steepest rate in nearly five years, a second straight month of employment losses that heightened fears the world's largest economy has skidded into recession.

3/7/2008 2:14 PM

Wall St hits session lows as financials drop

Fed boosts auction size in surprise action

The Federal Reserve on Friday announced emergency measures to add $200 billion into the banking system in a bid to ease persistent liquidity strains that are leading to a global credit freeze.

Analysts said the Fed's moves on Friday make it less likely the central bank will cut benchmark rates before its scheduled March 18 meeting.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

GOOG down $15

GOOG 432.70 -15.00 -3.35%
ISRG 270.76 -15.56 -5.43%
FSLR 208.77 -4.42 -2.07%
SKF 134.75 +9.70 +7.76%

March 06, 2008 4:41 PM ET

Fear drops stocks under key benchmarks

The S&P 500 finishes under its Jan. 22 closing low, and the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 indexes reach 52-week lows as worries about financial stocks grow on reports of margin defaults. Friday's jobs report becomes very important. Oil tops $105 a barrel. Wal-Mart's February same-store sales are surprisingly good

Stocks drop amid credit concerns

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Buy GOOG put

Buy to Open

1 Contracts GOPOH GOOG Mar 2008 $440 Put Limit 11.10

FSLR up $10

FSLR 213.16 +10.56 +5.21%
ISRG 286.32 +6.24 +2.23%
RTP 461.00 +13.95 +3.12%

Fed report says U.S. growth slowed in early 2008

Federal Reserve districts all saw decelerating economic growth in early 2008, even as prices pressed upward almost everywhere, the central bank's "Beige Book" report on economic conditions said on Wednesday. 3/5/2008 2:09 PM

12:55 PM ET
Reports send stocks higher; oil soars

Grim jobs, services deal blow to economy

Wall St drops as Ambac drags on financials

Ambac to raise at least $1.5 bln new capital

Rally fizzles; crude oil tops $104

Dow up 41 points as oil tops $104

Stocks end up on services data, commodities

U.S. stocks rose on Wednesday as evidence the services sector may not be as weak as feared allayed investors' concerns about a recession and soaring commodity prices lifted energy and mining companies' shares

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

GOOG down $12

GOOG 444.60 -12.42 -2.72%
BIDU 246.15 +5.63 +2.34%
FSLR 202.60 -4.89 -2.36%
RIMM 104.66 +4.51 +4.50%
AAPL 124.62 +2.89 +2.37%
RTP 447.05 -6.95 -1.53%

Stocks end down on banks; Nasdaq flat

3/4/2008 4:10 PM
Facebook hires Google exec, hitting Google shares

Monday, March 3, 2008

Poistions Bull Spreads

Buy DBA Jul 40 call DBAGN 4.80 IV 36.25 Delta .6349 = 5.3
Sell DBA Jul 45 call DBAGS 2.575 IV 35.86 Delta -.4276 = -2.9
Buy DBC Jul 35 call DBCGI 3.10 IV 25.92 Delta .6349 = 3.46
Sell DBC Jul 40 call DBCGN 1.175 IV 27.04 Delta .-3238 = -1.25
Buy AUY Jul 17 ½ call AUYGW 2.60 IV 51.18 Delta .6119 = 3.39
Sell AUY Jul 20 call AUYGD 1.625 IV 51.61 Delta -.4474 = -2.19
Buy GG Jul 42 ½ call GGGV 5.20 IV 43.80 Delta .5922 = 5.6
Sell GG Jul 47 ½ call GGGT 3.15 IV 43.26 Delta -.4281 = -3.18
Buy HL Jun 12 ½ call HLFV 1.15 IV 58.82 Delta .4752 = 1.15
Sell HL Jun 15 call HLFC .50 IV 57.59 Delta -.2613 = -.5
Buy DECK Jun 120 put QUKRD 19.95 IV 60.45 Delta -.5226 = 22.8
Sell DECK Jun 100 put QUKRT 10.10 IV 65.43 Delta .3154 = -11.9
Buy UA Jul 35 put UASG 5.60 IV 75.51 Delta -.3592 = 5.75
Sell UA Jul 30 put UASF 3.35 IV 77.16 Delta .2460 = -3.29
Buy NWA Jun 12 ½ put NWARV 2.35 IV 100.21 Delta -.3371 = 2.5
Sell NWA Jun 10 put NWARB 1.225 IV 103.10 Delta .2074 = -1.3

GOOG down $14

GOOG 457.02 -14.16 -3.01%
BIDU 240.52 -10.81 -4.30%
RIMM 100.15 -3.65 -3.52%
AAPL 121.73 -3.29 -2.63%
FSLR 207.49 +2.34 +1.14%

3/3/2008 4:51 PM
Stocks end flat as commodity shares rally

Buffett says U.S. in recession

Dow 12,258.90 -7.49 Nasdaq 2,258.60 -12.88 S&P 1,331.34 +0.71