Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the urges to keep trading?

After I made some (unexpected) gains in GOOG puts last week, I had a hard time containing myself? I kept thinking about the trade, kept multiplying the profits in my brain… almost constantly.

I had promised my self I will not trade for a while, once I had some profits … since each time, in the last year or so, I have made some money, I would subsequently loose it,… almost immediately.. for some unknown reasons.

This time, realizing this fact, I tried to tie myself to the 'mast', and not trade… immediately moving most of the money (I had made) out of my brokers account… but still I left a little (which I should nt have) … for trading?

But even this act was not enough!

Not only did I use that money for some unplanned/unwise trades…

I still could not stop thinking and imagining, about how ‘I have made this money, I can make more like this way, how much I could have made?, If I keep making this amount…? Etc etc’

Even I went out of town for a wedding I still kept thinking about trading/making a lot of money, kept thinking about my future when I have lots of money…

It wasn’t until I had lost some money that all this stopped….!

Almost as if this was necessary for the stress to go away….?

Either (maybe) it was me not trading… that was producing the stress, the thinking, the constant imaginating.etc

Or is it in my nature? Is it necessary for me, that I must loose some money to deal with some sort of stress, to deal with the urges to keep trading?

or maybe it helps me avoid thinking/memory of something else?

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