Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Loosing felt better

It almost felt better…

I made some profits with GOOG puts (the stock going down) for the week…

Ironically, today I could not resist ‘not doing’ something….

After reading the news all day, I bought the $440 GOOG puts (that I had bought and sold previously). Except this time I bought 6 instead of 3.

My rationale for the decision being: the fed's reducing the interest rates by only 0.75% the news and expectations were for a 1% cut….

It made me believe that the mkt is going to fall and it did for a brief moment… I bought the GOOG puts @ $8 (at the same price I had paid on Mar 12).

As it turned out, I was wrong about the mkt, it proceeded to move up (along with GOOG).

The puts were worth only $6.10 by closing time… (-21%) But to my surprise it somehow made me ‘feel’ better.

I think it must have helped me deal with the feelings of boredom and disappointment (relating to my job situation).

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