Tuesday, April 15, 2008

end of (over) trading!

When I took the FSLR trade I meant to do only that one trade... thinking FSLR has gone up too much it must (should) come down.

I only meant to buy puts on FSLR... and I did ... when that did nt work out ..(or did nt work soon enough) I bought Puts on GOOG... both the positions now seemed not going my way .. I sold puts against the puts I was holding to reduce my loss. That did not turn out to be very profitable either, so I covered the short ones and held on to the long ones.

FSLR moved higher the next day by $12 and I sold my puts for 1/2 the price I had bought them for....

But I immediately bought more puts on ISRG.... since the stock was down the most (among all the stock in my list).... unfortunately, It moved up by $15 (4.7%) today...and the put I bought is down by -27% for day.

As for the GOOG put, I am still holding it, has appreciated from $6 -> $7.5 ... but just now intel came out with better then expected earnings... GOOG is up 4% after hrs (almost the same % it was down during the day).

I know my put will be worth much less tomorrow....

and that will probably end my over trading for this cycle!

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