Monday, June 2, 2008

Anxiety after a winning trade

winning trades, for me, are accompanied immediate uneasy feelings?!

I am waiting for a trade to go my way; hoping and wishing and once it does happen, I start feeling uneasy almost sad...

Today I was wishing, hoping, praying that my puts go up to $12, that would be so nice I thought... after that did happen and I sold the puts... I felt somewhat uneasy and may be sad even?!

I felt like being stuck in very slow moving traffic... thinking; this is a very slow process.. it will take me forever before I can make some considerable progress... I kept calculating in my brain how long it will take me at this rate to make such and such amount ...

after the trade was over I felt as if the excitement is over ... and I have nothing exciting to look forward to?

So to get that feeling of excitement back (I guess) I started looking for another trade and even taking higher risk... which can bring me more excitement...

I don't really, know if I care about the money I make from these trades?

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