Thursday, June 19, 2008

why did nt I take profits?

I have been wondering as for what happened to me the last two consecutive trades? why did nt I take profits that I have been waiting for and wishing for?

I saw a big jump (gain) in my account, the type of jump I would love, and would let me stop trading for a while, if only I was able to pull the trigger and take the gains....

It has been a consistent pattern for me of being unable to act in this situation?

Last couple of trades turned out really good for me (for a day before they turned around) but I was unable to sell on time ... even though my inner feelings tell me its time to sell.. its time to act... I still don't?

It started like this; first I wish/dream and hope to have (lets say) 50% gain on a trade... then I wait and wait (painfully) and once I do get the gains I am unable to take profits? .. as if at that moment my dreams changed!

There has been at least two consecutive trades recently when this happened .... the day before I am wishing for the outcome (desperately), the next day I do get my wish (it does happen!) ... and I change my mind? ...I just simply don't act! ... the gain goes away... the stock moves back... I regret ... get unhappy and angry at myself...

I believe these are the reasons for this to happen:
  1. My priorities (thinking, wishes) change from the day before to the next day. Once I do see the gains (or the outcome) I have been wishing for ... my thinking and wishes change to something else. If yesterday I was hoping for a 30% GAIN now I see a 40% GAIN and I think I can do a 100% GAIN and hence do not accept the 30%.
  2. Once a big event (a jump in a stocks price) happen, I start believing in even a bigger events (bigger jumps in a price) to follow. My emotions get disrupted and I no longer feel the same way as I felt the day before (or before the price move).
  3. As if my brain starts spinning, along with the stocks movement, and is unable to stop spinning (or may be start spinning in the opposite direction) once the stock stops its movement or starts movement in reverses direction.