Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fed: No recession for now

U.S. slowdown to be long, but no recession: survey

Gasoline to peak at $4.15/gallon in August

Trade gaps widens in April as oil prices surge

Stocks break even, and that's a win

The markets withstand rising interest rates and a higher dollar and selling in Europe and Asia. A big drop in crude oil to $131 hits energy stocks. Coca-Cola rises on an upgrade. Corn prices jump after the government says the 2008 crop could fall 10%

FSLR 245.15 +0.39 +0.16%
AAPL 185.64 +4.03 +2.22%
MA 286.05 -5.35 -1.84%
RTP 443.80 -21.56 -4.63%

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