Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As per my 'hunch' GOOG went up $20 today. My calls play went well. It was very obvious that the stock mkt was going up today, as the uncertainity about the election will be over today. As for GOOG it has gone down alot form $550 --> $350 and it very natural that it will go backup.

FSLR is still a loosing trade for me, it keeps going up. Every time I think it has gone up enough it moves up more. It was up $15 today. As usual, for my inability to deal with loses, I added 3 more puts to my position doubling my current FSLR position. At the back of my head I am thinking that if the stock falls, I will quickly recoup my loss and even make some profit.

I bought MA calls for two reasons, it was up a lot in the morning $16 when I checked. The news MA has reported MasterCard shares soar on 3Q quarterly results. This report and the general bullish environment, yesterday and today, I thought the stock is very likely to go higher today. MA was up $26 by the close my calls almost doubled in value.