Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I sold the GOOG calls at a loss, instead I could have sold it at a good profit yesterday, but I did not. I was of a very bullish mind set yesterday. GOOG went down -$25 for the day. This morning when I saw the indexes down, I was really shocked and wanted to cut my loss as much as I can. First thing I wanted is to lighten up on the long side quickly.

MA has gone down -$14 today, the gains I had in the calls yesterday are gone. Near the end of the day sold 3 calls, against the 3 call contracts I am long, out of fear of further decline.

Adding to FSLR puts, doubling the position yesterday had really paid off today. The stock is down -$25, the puts has almost doubled in value. It has really saved my account today from a complete disaster. Although I was very hesitant of keeping the puts and, as I tried to sell them near the end of the day yesterday. I was disappointed in myself for holding on to the FSLR trade yet today I was proud. What has prevented me from holding on and until the puts ultimately worked as selling lower strike puts against it.

There are two lessons in the FSLR trade: going inverse, i.e., buying puts when the stock was moving higher. Selling lower strike contracts gives me hope, reducing my fear and helps in holding to the position until the stock turns around.