Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am still holding all my GOOG puts today. I did not place any order today or even look at my account the whole day. This is how I behave if the the position is going well for me. I avoid looking at the account on such occasions, lest I will be tempted to do something unnecessary. I believe since GOOG has broken down a major support level $300, it will keep going down in the near term till it finds a new support level. I will be eagerly watching to see what happens tomorrow and the day after. Both today and yesterday the stock has traded at 9- 10 mil shares vs daily avg vol of 6 mil.

This fall in GOOG couldn't have come at a better time for me for these three reasons:

1. I had several losing trades in a row in the last two weeks,
2. I had given back all the gains I made in the last month or so.
3. I had (accidentally) bought two many puts (6 contracts almost 60% of my account) on GOOG.

Hopefully, I wont be proven wrong and the stock will not reverse on me tomorrow morning. If it did that will be a huge disappointment for me, since my hopes are high for regaining some of my recent losses with this trade.

I do believe there is nothing certain in trading and especially in my way of trading. My trades can reverse at anytime and show a loss after being up several times in the past.