Thursday, November 6, 2008

I sold the FSLR puts, the stock was down -$9 for the day, it kept moving down today like yesterday. In two days it has dropped more then -$35. This steep decline had an impact on my decision to sell the puts. As soon as I saw that the stock down this morning, I was delighted and was ready to sell. I watched the stock all day, as it moved down -$13 at one point, but I did not sell, waiting for it to go decline further (as usual greed).

MA has been on a decline as well. It closed down -$12. I am still holding to both of my long and short call contracts, hoping the stock will turn around tomorrow. With this trade I am hoping that my inverse strategy will ultimately work as well. If the stock moves up a little in the morning I am going to cover the short contracts and double on the long ones.

I have an overall bullish bias for tomorrow (I think the mkt has declined a lot in the last two days and should rebound tomorrow or Monday, as it usually does). With this thought in the back of my mind, I bought some GOOG calls near the close of the day. I also protected the position by selling some OTM calls against it.

Soon after buying the calls I felt like I had jump too quick on this, may be I should have waited for another day or two to see which way GOOG moves and then apply my inverse strategy.