Monday, October 27, 2008

anxiety in the mornings...

If I wake up late.. I feel as if I am going to miss that day... if I see my position down I blame myself for not being there at the moment... although it may or may not make any difference if I can get to opening or not.. it is just the feelings... I am usually anxious if I miss the opening.

If I do get to the open I feel like I am in control now.. as if I know what is going to happen. It the position is down, I tell myself it is my decision to let the stock go down (or go up for that matter) ... but if I come late and see the mkt already moved up or down, I am upset and anxious, as if I missed a critical part of the trade.

Usually it does not matter, if I can get up in the morning (mkt opening) or not because the mkt always, always fluctuate.

May be missing the morning is missing a vital part of the action involved in my type of trading? That makes me think that I may be trading stocks just for the action. Am I keeping this hobby to get myself occupied with something?