Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feelings of uncertainty…

Weather I am on a winning streak, or trying to recover from a loss, trying to get back in the game. I experience the same feelings, the same uncertainty about the unknowns of tomorrow and the outcome of my trade.

Recently, at one point, I was up a lot. I remember I had the same anxious feelings, as I have them right now after a loss. Essentially now as then I don’t know for certain what is going to happen tomorrow. The worries are the same, when the account was really up I was concerned weather I will be able to repeat the winning streak? I had a hard time containing my self from watching the market every minute of the day. Worried, as I am now, that I need to recoup my loss.

I now realize, that generally, after a loss you are in a better state of mind then you are in after a big gain! In a sense a loss helps me to stop trading for a while, and lets me forget worrying about my next move. At least, for a short time I don’t care. I an not watching my positions as vigorously. It gives me a moment to think about other things in life and I feel relaxed.

After a loss, I realize that trading stocks is not an easy task, and that may be I should nt be doing this. On the other hand a winning streak tells me that I can do this I should be doing more of this, pushing my self harder and harder, stressing myself and eventually taking bigger risks.

If only I could think the same way after a winning streak as I did after a loss, i.e., just stoping to trade for a while, thinking about other things in life, and trying to relax my mind, I probably could do much better with my trading.