Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Market bets on steep rate cut as Fed meeting begins

Morgan Stanley, SocGen, Goldman fall on VW worry

Stocks rise amid global rebound
Asian and European markets rack up big gains; markets here make more modest gains after gloomy confidence and housing reports. Investors expect a rate cut tomorrow at the end of the Fed's two-day meeting. Whirlpool will cut jobs

Stocks soar, but can rally hold?
Traders fret that late selling will cut gains set off by a global rally. Consumer confidence plunges. Home prices are still tumbling, a new report says. Boeing jumps after a strike settlement. Crude oil moves lower again.

Bargain hunters drive sharp Wall Street rally

Stocks enjoy big rebound after sharp selloff

Oil dips below $63 as demand trumps OPEC

Dow soars 889

GOOG 368.67 +39.18 +11.89%
BIDU 208.95 +29.95 +16.73%

MA 136.01 +9.66 +7.65%

FXP 118.70 -64.31 -35.14%

SKF 136.00 -41.99 -23.59%