Friday, October 31, 2008

I sold the GS calls fearing the stock will keep declining and my calls will keep losing value. Keeping in mind what the financial stocks has been through, I thought It would be wise to take some profit then non at all.

The FSLR trade was a result of reading about a trade setup last night, in a book titled 'High Probability Trading'. This strategy is to fade a weak move. FSLR had moved $28 yesterday (Thursday Oct. 30). Looking at current mkt conditions, the weakness that is, I thought I should fade the FSLR upward move. My thinking was also complemented by FSLR's opening down. I bought puts in the early morning, imagining I had just caught the wave. Later in the day when the stock stop moving down, I sold some calls against my position to protect against a sudden upward move.

I bought 1 GOOG put just from gut feelings and observing the price movement today. Although, I had been waiting to buy puts on GOOG, since it last move higher, for the last week. My plan was to buy GOOG puts at a much lower price, i.e., if the stock moves higher even more. But watching the stock today turning around from +$12 to -$1, I could not resist and bought 1 put, thinking the stock has just turned around and will keep moving down further.

I did only buy 1 put, although I had a limit order for buying 3 put, but changed my mind at the last minute.

I also wanted to protect myself from a big upward move in FSLR by selling 3 OTM contracts.

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