Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SPWR up $15

This stock was up $10 in the morning and for that matter all of the stocks on my list were up big time...

Which made the decision harder for me as to which one to get into?

BIDU, for example, was up $15 in the morning and ended up $25 for the day!

So much for selling my calls yesterday?

As I looked at all the stocks in the list I decided on SPWR for two reasons:

1. the volume was higher then usuall
2. there was a good news....

So I bought the call:

QSU LV BOT to Open 1 Limit $6.00 Executed

TSL the put I was hold for was more the $2 so I sold mine for a net loss...

All day long I tried to get into BIDU as well but could not, as it did nt level off durring mid day as it did yesterday...

BPJ LF Buy to Open 1 Limit $3.10 Expired

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