Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am hoping

Today, I am not sure what I did? why?

In the morning I noticed GS was up $4.7

since the financials has been beaten down badly in recent days so I thought it was time for them to rally …..

GS was the one stock up the most …. (early in the morning…)

I bought a call as I have been doing: Goldman Sachs Grp $240 Exp 11/17/07 …

GPY KH BOT to Open 1 @ $2.00
GPY KH BOT to Open 4 @ $1.50

I bought the 1st call early in the morning … and as I saw the price moving in a range I entered another order to buy 4 calls @ $1.5 …

and left for lunch ….

When I came back the order was filled and the last price for the call was quoted @ $1.05?

I also noticed that ETFC was moving up strongly (+10.80%)

on very heavy volume.. (Volume 156.01 Mil vs Avg. Daily Vol. 25.47 Mil)

this stock has declined almost 50% in the last two weeks!

its options volume was also very high … I entered a limit order to buy 5 calls @ $0.8 ..

The asking price was higher at the time…

Coming back from lunch the order was filled …?

EUS LI BOT to Open 5 @ $0.80 Exp 12/22/07

earlier in the morning I had bought 10 QQQQ calls: Call Powershares Qqq Tr $51 Exp 11/17/07

QQQ KY BOT to Open 10 @ $0.50

I don’t know why I bought these ….. ? may be just b/c the mrkt may rally today... just like yesterday!

most of the calls I bought today are expiring in 3 days…. 11/17?

if I don’t get to sell tomorrow they will expire worthless!

I don’t know why I bought so many calls today? 20?

This is just ‘overtrading’!!!!!

And it will have consequences on my account… I know there will be ….

Although I am hoping one of these positions will bail me out….

But the expiration date is very close?!!

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