Thursday, November 29, 2007

SHLD down $14

This morning I noticed SHLD was down big $16... on very heavy volume

Volume 15.53 Mil

Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 2.94 Mil

Although, the rest of the market was all up....

FSLR was up $22 for the day...

SPWR was up in the morning $10 and accordingly I sold my call :

QSU LV SLD to Close 1 Limit $14.00 Executed

I bought a Put on SHLD my limit order was lower then the mrkt but there was very fast movement and my order got filled quickly:

KTQ XS Put $95 Exp 12/22/07 $1.55

My buy price was $3.0 but by the end of the day the stock has moved back up to $104, where as it was around $100 when I bought the put expecting the stock to drop more... but I did nt...

My put has lost almost 50% of its vlaue?

Will see what happenes tomorrow...

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