Saturday, November 24, 2007

GOOG up $16

I sold my Calls today…..

11/23/07 Sold 2 GOQ LL Call Google Inc $760 Exp 12/22/07 @ $3.80

Finally ‘accepting’ a price for them ….

The gain I had made seemed good enough ….

Today was a short (the mkt was open until 10:00am only) day and I was busy with other activities …. So I did not really had time to keep changing my target price…..?

Although GOOG may keep moving upOr it may fall tomorrow….

I may regret selling at this price….

I think I had enough gains?!

Considering my account’s condition since the last week…. I needed to make a profitable trade to restore my confidence!

Or may be even my ability to keep trading?!!!

FSLR may be ready to reverse?

It appears to be dwindling….after moving higher and higher for the last few weeks….

Today I noticed the stock just hovering between +$2.5 and –$2.6 all day….. unlike its straight moves in upward direction….

Looking at the volatility for FSLR …. speed it has been going up…

I think it could start falling rapidly….

I will monitor FSLR next week….

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