Friday, November 9, 2007

FSLR Down $16

This stock was up almost $60 yesterday…

The volatility in the stock has gone up a lot, IV touching 25% while HV is at around 15%....

This morning I noticed the stock was down just a few $$...

BOT to Open 1 HJQ WB Nov $210 PUT Limit $8.10
Soon after I witnessed the price doubling to $16 at that moment it was down 10%

I held on to my position expecting it to move further, but the stock came back…

For the rest of the day it has been ranging -5% to -6%

I am hoping that the stock will repeat its action in the last hr of the day … ,i.e, a decline of 10%?

I have an order to sell my put for $16 … so far it looks like it may just a wish!!!

SLD to Close 1 HJQ WB Nov $210 PUT Limit $11.0

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