Monday, December 3, 2007

RIMM down $9

In the morning I noticed RIMM was down again…

Since I felt I missed the opportunity on Friday, I was keen to see what will RIMM open as today....

Immediately after open it was down in the red so I wanted to do something…. I monitored the stock for about ½ an hr and noticed there was a lot of 'movement' in the options as well…

The PUT I was interested in was bid @ $6.85 and I entered an limit order to buy @ $6.5 but the price soon moved up to almost $9.0…

So disappointed I entered a limit order for $7.0 and left to get ready for work…

RUL XL Buy to Open 1 Limit $6.50 Cancelled
RUL XL BOT to Open 1 Limit $7.00 Executed $7.00

I came back after an hr to see my order get filled…at this point RIMM down only $6.4 as oppose to being down $9.4 in the morning…Excited... and as the overall mkt was down I noticed FSLR was up $7.3 and was moving higher…

I tried to buy a call… but could nt. ..

Later when I checked on FSLR, it was down $2.79, as I had gut feeling that it is not going to hold up, I switched to try buying a Put. I entered a limit order below the current asking price… and was executed soon:

HJQ XR BOT to Open 1 Limit $4.20 Executed $4.20

Co-incidentally, both stocks were down the same $ fraction at one time and both stocks had a higher volume today:

229.22 -7.93 [-3.34%] Dec 3 1:00 PM
Bid: 229.30 Size: 13 Ask: 229.50 Size: 10 Vol: 4,703,355 Realtime

104.75 -9.07 [-7.97%] Dec 3 1:01 PM
Bid: 104.85 Size: 5 Ask: 104.89 Size: 45 Vol: 34,995,687 Realtime

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