Sunday, December 2, 2007

Why I over trade?

Since in trading losses are but natural.

When a worker gets frustrated with work conditions, he may display anger and dismay to his colleagues and bosses. He may feel discouraged; complain of not getting the attention or rewards for putting all the hard work. This situation can lead for a worker to quite companies, change careers or even sue the employer if treated unfairly.

Traders’ on the other hand working independently from home or office usually has no one to complain to, show dismay/displeasure of not being rewarded.

Ironically, the reward may be even set by the trader himself, how appropriate.
The employer in his case is a stock or the overall stock market. Since none of them are living entities, often the angr and frustration is projected inwards. As a result a frustrated trader may get his revenge by over trading and making bad decisions, resulting in losing even more money, taking the reward even further away from himself.

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