Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BIDU up $16

the stock is up my call is not up... close to expiration? .. yesterday was an interesting day... a day which almost felt like an accident has happened...

BIDU falling and coming backup like today means the call for next month has become really cheap I should have rolled over my call to next months before it re-bounded...

A few traders that I regularly follow had big losses yesterday...


"Total Net -$9211.85
Net -$3057.71 on 4116 shares
Net -$6154.14 Swing
12:55 - I have two choices, post my losses or hide. I want to hide. It is painful, even sickening as I am sure it is painful to read for some. It is not the first time I have blown my account, I really thought I had improved as a trader, I guess not so much. The market always has more to teach, and so humbling when you least expect it. I got it wrong again today, too much power, too many shares. Before I know it I am close to my max loss and I painfully try to save my trades. By the time I got out of my longs and went short, the market reversed, how typical."


"Me, -$713 on 20,800 shares traded.
Wow, this market sure looks ugly. Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about
"September redux?" It looks like all those low volume rallies were just one big head
fake.Sheesh... how can a guy be so right and so wrong at the same time?"

I have decided that I am going to develop a system to take advantage of the high volatility in my list of stocks. Will try to observe the changes in volatility...

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