Saturday, December 22, 2007

FSLR up $20

As LDK was down $20 a few days ago looks like all the money moved to FSLR yesterday?

I am wondering why did FSLR went up so much as there was no big news? just some news about zack's recommending the stock!

RIMM was up the most in my stock list... I bought a call during the later hrs of the day seeing the price for the option has declined from the morning...

In the morning, i.e., 7:00am when I noticed RIMM was still moving up from its Thursday move of $12 (after hrs) ... I tried buy two calls RULAD for $2.5. At the time asking price was $3.0. I entered a limit order and left, thinking the price will coming to my asking price soon but it never did?

The call ended the day as below:

RULAD 6.450 +2.350 +57.32% 6.500

(it was selling for $7.3 at one point)

Disappointed, (for not getting inn on the profit from above) I bought a different call around 11:30am.

My justification "the price is going to appreciate as the move in the stock will intensify during the last hr of the day" but instead it declined in price:

Bought 1 RULAE Call Exp 01/19/08 $125 $4.90

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