Wednesday, December 5, 2007

FSLR up $11.3

GRMN stayed up just a little for the day...

I was expecting it to go up a lot as it did yesterday... But did nt move it was up $4 in the morning

I could have sold my call for a profit (as my intentions were last night) but I did nt?....

I saw all the mkt was moving considerably higher ... and felt the GRMN could go up even further...

It did move a little but then durring the last hr of the day it started declining.... and barely stayed in the +ve...

This morning I bought a Call on LDK:

LDK LJ BOT to Open 1 Limit $5.00 Executed $5.00

inspired form its $10 up move yesterday... and reading the news that there is going to be some move in the congress in favour of SOLAR stocks... I was very excited... and rightfully so the stock was up another $5 this morning!

"The House of Representatives is expected to vote on an energy bill within the next two days. An energy bill before Congress is expected to move quickly, The main issue is alternative energy. If approved this is perceived as a positive for LDK and other stocks in the sector,"
Unfortunatly that is when I bought my call and LDK never came back even close to that level for the rest of the day :(

LDK Solar Co Ltd
Last: 42.03 Change: +1.06 Volume: 6,856,670

My call lost considerable value:

LDKLJ 3.00 -0.30 -9.09% Strike Price 50.000
Open 4.400 Volume 2,651 Day's
High 5.900 Day's Low 2.850

FSLR, RTP, PTR, BIDU, GOOG made big move... may be I should stick with them for now....

FSLR 225.93 11.39 [5.31%] Dec 5 2:01 PM Bid: 225.59 Size: 2 Ask: 226.03 Size: 1
Vol: 4,266,234

RIMM 100.96 -0.54 -0.53%

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