Friday, December 14, 2007

RTP down -$16

This stock is amazing... how fast can it move up and down?
RTP 422.50 -15.52 -3.54%After Hours: 422.99 +0.49 / +0.12% Vol. 400

This stock has moved up a lot in the recent weeks... on Nov. 18th it moved up +$82 (in one day). Watching the price movement and options volume, I think I could have made some day trades. As the call I am holding was at one point bid for $7.9 and end of day $8.9. The vol of the call was high too for the day.

On that day IV moved from 50% to 85%... now IV has moved back to 60% yet the stock is falling....

RTP has been down since very early in the morning... and never was up for the whole day...

BIDU was up $6 in the morning and I was tempted to sell the call but then I reassured my self that it will be up $12 at least near the end of the day...?

BIDU 392.91 +5.91 +1.53%After Hours: 392.25 -0.66 / -0.17% Vol. 14,875

ISRG was down -$6 in the morning, I got immediately excited… both my positions were going my way today!

ISRG 324.89 -3.71 -1.13%
After Hours: 332.61 +7.72 / +2.38% Vol. 4,560

Later it turned around and moved backup $4. … I waited to see my ‘hypothesis’ of prices turning around @ 11:30am … it did turn around by that time both BIDU and ISRG….

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