Thursday, December 20, 2007

LDK down $20

Yesterday I noticed that LDK was down $3.6... after hrs it was down another $5...
this morning I was ready to buy a put ....

As I logged in at 7:00am I saw LDK down $13!

I decided to buy a put :

LDK MI Buy to Open 2 Limit $2.40 Cancelled
LDK MI Buy to Open 1 Limit $2.50 Expired

The ask was @ $3 at that time so I entered limit order under the mkt ... thinking LDK will reverse durring the day and my order will be filled....

The stock keep declining straight .... finished the day with -$20.6...

LDK MI LDK Jan08 $45 PUT Bid 5.80 Ask 6.00 Last 5.78 ....?

LDK 47.85 -18.26 -27.62% After Hours: 45.72 -2.13 / -4.45% Vol. 124,600

Piper Jaffray downgrades Neutral to Sell ?

"Target $34.5. Piper downgraded LDK to Sell from Neutral and maintains their $34.50 tgt
following earnings. Firm says that uncertainties still exist with respect to LDK's low turns of
2.2x, unsubstantiated contract supply with 25% exposure to spot, high risk polysilicon ramp
with targets they assess as overly aggressive, and numerous shareholder law suits."

I wonder why did the analyst downgraded the stock now and not a few days ago when the stock was moving high and high everyday?

RIMM moved up $12 after hrs:

106.99 +4.86 +4.76% After Hours: 119.60 +12.61 / +11.79% Vol. 3.55 Mil

the company beat earning:

"Research in Motion Ltd.'s fiscal third-quarter profit more than doubled on strong demand for
its BlackBerry smart phones and related services by consumers and businesses"

BIDU has almost come back up form its -$40 decline.... but the call I was holding is worth 10c someone who has sold the call would have benefited a lot!

BIDU 380.15 +5.17 +1.38% After Hours: 383.25 +3.10 / +0.82% Vol. 42,569

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