Thursday, December 13, 2007

RTP down -$24

Today was a disappointing day for me .... I did nt wake up early enough as I usually do... when I checked the mkt was much lower... BIDU was -$10 ...

since I was holding a call and the way it appreciated just before close last night I was hoping for a big gain today?

Observing BIDU yesterday and the over all mkt, as it had turned around durring the last hrs of the day... I kept hoping that the same will happen today and it certainly did... at the end of the day BIDU was down only -$2....

My hope and patience paid off and I did nt sell the call at a much lower price... as I would have on a normal day... at the end of the day the call was above my buy price?

BIDU Day's High 389.09 Day's Low 376.77 Volume 4.93 Mil

I bought a Put on ISRG as this was the stock down the most in my list, it was down $10 but came back up like the rest of the mkt....

AXV XT BOT to Open 1 Limit $1.85 Executed $1.85

ISRG 328.60 -6.64 -1.98%
After Hours: 325.50 -3.10 / -0.94% Vol. 7,661

The only stock that was up on high volume and stayed up for the day was MA

MA 223.20 +9.30 +4.35%
Volume 4.80 Mil Avg. Daily Vol. (13 wk.) 1.31 Mil
After Hours: 223.99 +0.79 / +0.35% Vol. 3,200

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