Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BIDU up $10

As I checked the mkt this morning, to much surprise, all the stocks were up!
There was a new that "The Fed offers a new plan to add liquidity to the global markets".
I thought my puts from yesterday would be worth nothing, I checked GOOG was up $8. Even though I believed that this was a "sympathy" rally and the mkt will move down, but I saw the mkt moving up and I changed my opinion. All scared I sold my put:

GOQXP SLD to Close 1 Limit $5.00 Executed $5.0

But minutes later the stocks started moving downward and ended in the -ve territory.. my put was worth a lot more by the end of the day:

GOQ XP GOOGLE INC CLASS A PUT GOQ DEC 680 12/11/07 $4.86 $8.50 $2.70 $485.60

A gain of $485 missed?

I start noticing BIDU move higher ... upset about missing an opportunity in GOOG I decided to buy a call placing an order below asking price... Soon after I bought the Call went down to $6.2... but then during the last 20min it moved vigorously higher... was up $10.6 end of day... with higher volume, there was no particular news?

BPJLT BOT to Open 1 Limit $8.00 Executed $8.00

BIDU 389.00 +10.62 +2.81% Volume 8.05 Mil
After Hours: 388.30 -0.70 / -0.18% Vol. 631,126

Price 378.38 -18.92
Change (%): -4.76%
52 wk High 416.88 11/05/2007
52 wk Low 93.52 04/02/2007
Stock volume 8,736,383
Avg. options volume: 34,430
Avg. options open interest 346,370

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