Friday, December 14, 2007

I must be doing something..

This morning after noticing my positions doing exactly what ‘I expected them to be’… I decide to do nothing. Just wait until the last hr of trading and decide at that time.
I was expecting the price movement to accelerate in the last hr of the day, at which point I could close my positions. But all day long I had these feelings that I needed to be doing something? I felt apathy for myself doing ‘nothing’. I felt 'I needed to do something about that position?' I have to either sell or look to buy something else. There was an immense mental pressure telling me ‘I must be doing something’. I could hardly look away from the stock quote. All the articles and the news that I usually read seemed dull and un-interesting. Nothing seemed to get my attention away. I kept clicking the mouse button, checking to see ‘what was happening’ to the stock.
Finally, I found an interesting ‘blog’ to read called ‘options addict’. The story was interesting enough to get my attention away from the stock quote? I did come back though during the last hr of the day to see the final action.

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