Monday, December 17, 2007

BIDU down -$41

BIDU is down $41?!!! .... an amazing drop in all the stocks in my list ...

In the morning I noticed that BIDU was down $10 I ignored it (or accepted it as destiny), I thought it would come back up again during the last hr of the day, as it has done for the last few day... instead the decline intensified during the last hr... I was unable to monitor all day as I am in class... may be that's why it did nt feel as bad?

ISRG 305.70 -19.19 -5.91
BIDU 356.00 -36.91 -9.39%
FSLR 231.97 -19.72 -7.84%
GOOG 669.23 -20.73 -3.00%
RTP 401.45 -21.05 -4.98%
SPWR 121.49 -6.70 -5.23%

Accept for LDK which was up on a news:

LDK 68.18 +11.34 +19.95%

Luckily, I was holding a put on ISRG which went up and saved me from a complete wipe out.

AXV XT SLD to Close 1 Limit $5.00 Executed $5.00

LDK SOLAR CO LTD 68.18 11.34 [19.95%]

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