Tuesday, December 4, 2007

FSLR down $14

* Pay strong attention to the levels set in the first half hour of trading.

This morning after watching my list of stock, I noticed both my positions RIMM and FSLR were down just slightly.

FSLR was down more then RIMM.

While I monitored the stocks RIMM was acting erratic… moving up and down. It made me uneasy and I quickly decided to sell.

I entered an order to sell my put:

RUL XL SLD to Close 1 Limit $7.50 Executed $7.50

Another missed opportunity in RIMM?

Even though I didn’t encounter a loss on this position I felt missing an opportunity of taking better gain. RIMM moved down further in a decisive move later part in the day and the put price got to where I would have loved selling it.

RIMM Dec07 $105 PUT
Bid 9.75
Ask 9.85
Last 9.65
Change 1.25 [14.88%]
Volume 3,275
Delta -0.56
Open Int 4,476

FSLR was down from very earlier in the day and kept moving down while in a range. The decline intensified during the last ½ hr of the day and I sold my put during that ½ hr:

HJQ XR SLD to Close 1 Limit $6.80 Executed $6.80

FIRST SOLAR INC 214.75 -14.47 [-6.31%] Dec 4 1:00 PM
Bid: 214.54 Size: 8 Ask: 214.55 Size: 5 Vol: 5,837,635 Real-time

I made another trade around 11:50am. I noticed GRMN up a 5% (up the most in my list of stocks). I entered an order to buy a call (below the mkt asking $4.6) at the time I entered a limit order for $4.0 and was executed soon.

RZJ LB BOT to Open 1 Limit $4.00 Executed $4.00

I am a bit nervous about this trade, since I have never traded GRMN before, and I don’t usually buy something this late in the day.

I believe GRMN should continue its move up for another day or two. I will try to sell my call early tomorrow!?
* The Federal Open Market Committee meeting is slated for T

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