Monday, December 17, 2007

I just enjoy the action

Today one of my call on BIDU declined from $800 to $120 -$700 a big decline. But strangely it did not feel as bad as I usually feel. I am all worried about a call moving down $10-$5 but this did not had any feelings as such, which I am very surprised.

Analyzing the situation, I think partly I am not sitting at my cubical watching the stock and waiting for it to move up or down (in other words to do something).

May be since all the stocks on my list are down it does not make me feel 'it was a bad decision' rather 'this is something out of control'.

I have a sense of confidence that this is as far low as it can go (and now it will move up).

Coincidentally, I was holding a put on another stock (FSLR) and that put appreciated in price. This made me feel like 'I did not totaly screw up'?

I am not at work place sitting in my cubical as usual...

Or may be non of the above.

I just enjoy the action up or down? as long as it there is some action.

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